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Biologic sample collection devices and methods of production and use.

DiomatTM is a modified polycaprolactone (PCL) polymer prepared with patented methods which impact surface binding & dissolution properties of the polymer rendering it an excellent biomaterial for stem cell therapy & transdermal drug delivery applications. Native PCL has been widely used in human tissue repair & controlled drug release applications but with suboptimal performance due to slow melting rates & low cell adhesion surface characteristics – native PCL is a dense, hydrophobic and non-porous polymer. DiomatTM technology modifies PCL properties and can selectively adjust the porosity, hydrophobicity & dissolution rate of the polymer. DiomatTM can thus be tuned to selectively accelerate the dissolution, melting & bioadsorption characteristics of the medicine-infused polymer.  These advances create opportunies for a new generation of products for cell therapy, drug delivery and OTC nutraceutical & cosmeceutical applications.